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In the northwestern Montana town of Kalispell, looking into a view of Glacier Park and breathing in the Big Sky, Joanna Griffin operates a clay studio that sings out color, spirit, and inspiration. 

These are pots that will make you smile, warm your heart and also hold your coffee or your flowers; they are a rare combination of graphic design, eloquent form, and verse.  Influences of an African childhood, years of discovering the language of art at Berea College, KY, and well worn and treasured words of Christian faith – all find their fingerprints on finely crafted, completely functional pottery.

Looking for a unique gift or art piece to honor someone special?  ….  or just celebrating life in a thousand personal hurrahs? ..   Try drinking your morning coffee out of one of her “rainbow/joy” mugs…     Joanna sees all of life as a celebration and makes pottery that sings, shouts and whispers the sacred; her colors and forms will caress your spirit and her use of accompanying scripture will bring you hope and affirmation.  

Pomegranate Clay Studio is an artist/potter studio; all pots are wheel thrown and only handled by Joanna.  This is not a production studio – rather a studio that invites your ideas and continually produces new and changing pots.  Some of the forms have become favorites and usually are available when you call or stop in to browse her sales corner, others can be reproduced to suit your occasion or need.  Custom orders are always welcome.  Peruse the pottery available online and call and chat.  Please allow a two/three week lead time if the item is not in stock. 

Pomegranate Pottery is available in many different styles – each speaking uniquely.  Please call me directly or email me with your feedback or inquiry/order; this website and my studio are the only places where my pottery may be purchased.  I do not wholesale.   I delight in sharing stories, working with my customers, and listening to the voice of the Spirit.  Each pot is inspired and created especially for you, direct from the artist.

Forms: Bowls, cups, mugs, plates in varying sizes, goblets, pitchers, dinnerware, wall pieces, vases, liturgical pieces, custom wedding bowls, custom baby bowls.  Please see Pottery Catalogue for further suggestions.

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