Pomegranate Clay Studio

"You shall go out with joy and be led forth in peace; mountains shall break forth in singing and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands." Isaiah 55:12

In the northwestern Montana town of Kalispell, looking into a view of Glacier Park and breathing in the Big Sky, Joanna Griffin operates a clay studio that sings out color, spirit, and inspiration. 

These are pots that will make you smile, warm your heart and also hold your coffee or your flowers; they are a rare combination of graphic design, eloquent form, and verse.  Influences of an African childhood, years of discovering the language of art at Berea College, KY, and well worn and treasured words of Christian faith – all find their fingerprints on finely crafted, completely functional pottery.

Looking for a unique gift or art piece to honor someone special?  ….  or just celebrating life in a thousand personal hurrahs? ..   Try drinking your morning coffee out of one of her “rainbow/joy” mugs…     Joanna sees all of life as a celebration and makes pottery that sings, shouts and whispers the sacred; her colors and forms will caress your spirit and her use of accompanying scripture will bring you hope and affirmation.  

Pomegranate Clay Studio is an artist/potter studio; all pots are wheel thrown and only handled by Joanna.  This is not a production studio – rather a studio that invites your ideas and continually produces new and changing pots.  Some of the forms have become favorites and usually are available when you call or stop in to browse her sales corner, others can be reproduced to suit your occasion or need.  Custom orders are always welcome.  Peruse the pottery available online and call and chat.  Please allow a two/three week lead time if the item is not in stock. 

Pomegranate Pottery is available in many different styles – each speaking uniquely.  Please call me directly or email me with your feedback or inquiry/order; this website and my studio are the only places where my pottery may be purchased.  I do not wholesale.   I delight in sharing stories, working with my customers, and listening to the voice of the Spirit.  Each pot is inspired and created especially for you, direct from the artist.

Pottery Forms

Forms: Bowls, cups, mugs, plates in varying sizes, goblets, pitchers, dinnerware, wall pieces, vases, liturgical pieces, custom wedding bowls, custom baby bowls.  Please see Pottery Catalogue for further suggestions.   *If it is your preference, I am always happy to create any piece for you without the addition of verse.


Pomegranate Pottery is available in a variety of styles – each speaking uniquely.   Terra cotta clay, decorated with an underglaze palette of spontaneous color, is wheel thrown and fired in an electric kiln and all pieces are 100% food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwaveable.   Please call me directly or email me with your feedback or inquiry/order; this website and my studio are the only places where my pottery may be purchased.  I do not wholesale.  

You will receive a pot that is inspired and created especially for you, direct from the artist.  While I am happy to produce any piece that calls out to you from the following catalogue, please remember that each pot is one of a kind with its own unique spirit.  It is this collaboration with the customer that truly inspires and brings the greatest sense of fulfillment to the artist.

I look forward to chatting with you re your interests.  Prices are not quoted within this site; please call for information on specific pieces.  I gladly ship anywhere in the USA.   How to Order

Thank YOU!

Joanna Griffin/Pomegranate Clay Studio
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Click here for my different pottery styles/ click on thumbnails to enlarge.



This design is about a splash of JOY that sings and dances and celebrates life.  These forms usually have an accompanying verse that is about JOY!   The JOY mugs are a popular item and usually are in stock

Frequently used verses:   *JOY cometh in the morning! * Enter into the JOY! * Awake my soul and sing! * I’ve got the JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in my heart! * The JOY of the Lord is my strength! * You shall go out with JOY and be lead forth in peace! * Arise, SHINE!

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White on White

Within this category you will see both a leaf/vine motif (sgraffito technique) as well as pieces simply decorated with pencil engraved scripture.  You will also find whimsical character drawings that echo childs’ play and a simple delight in faith. 

Frequently used verses:  Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! * Sing and make music on heart! * Praise Him sun and moon and all ye shining stars! * Consider the Lilies of the field and how they grow.

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African figures

With accompanying Shona language of Zimbabwe, the bright patterning and color of these women represent the joy of a culture familiar to me as a child.  These women and children were originally designed to create a personal connection to my past and provide a means of support for AIDS relief in Zimbabwe.  20% of these proceeds are returned to an AIDS orphanage in Zimbabwe.  

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Little People

"“ Behold how good and pleasant it is when all God’s children dwell together in harmony.”

Small 6” plates with triplets of multiracial figures brighten a kitchen corner or a stove top -or select a platter with 4 or more figures in the theme of the above verse.    Also available are small creamer pitchers with triplets of figures.  Please call for further info on availability

Frequently used verses:  Love one another as I have loved you * A friend loveth at all times.  *  A sweet friendship refreshes the soul  *  Sing a new song! *  Faith, Hope & Love *  Walk with Faith *  Live in Joy! *  Awake my soul & SING!

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Classic pastel

This is the original design of Pomegranate Clay Studio ~ softly melting swirls of lavender, aqua and buttery yellow, surrounded by a white rim and any chosen accompanying scripture.  This may be offset with a white leaf/vine circle in the middle, or a preference for only the blues and lavender hues.

 Within this category you will also see a dragonfly or two: a serene dragonfly sketched lightly through the lavender and aqua/blue colors with a hint of white – most popular in mugs and pitchers.  

Accompanying verse:  *Be still and know that I am God * He leadeth me beside still waters, he restoreth my soul.

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Liturgical ware

Mix and match to your hearts content: Foot washing bowl (15") & Gallon sized pitcher. Paten and chalices. Pillar candle bearers. All available in custom verse/design/size.

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New Work

I am currently working in multiple combinations and patterns of color and joy.

Peruse the thumbnails and let them guide you to find your favorite. You are welcome to connect with me regarding custom orders using one or several reference #s.

I am happy to design any form with pattern and color of your choice, in general reference to these samples.

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How to order

Please keep in mind that each and every pot is somewhat unique; as I sit and throw new pots, the inventory changes and while I do recreate many, there is always a wide variety of new creativity on the palette.  I am inviting you to select the basic form or item you would like, pick the pattern that most delights you from the catalogue listing, and then give me a call or write a short email and I will work with you until we together create your vision

For example…   a pastor would like a chalice/paten set..     I can offer size/shape differentials according to what is shown in the catalogue, and then suggest different patterns and how they work with the form.    I can also suggest scriptures or verse that will suit and match your creation.   Do you have a very specific occasion that needs a very specific customized gift?   Allow me to guide you and blend your desires with my hand on the wheel and spirit in the brush.      Call me or email me a short note.    I am delighted to work with you!

 Information you will need to give me:

  • Reference item in the catalogue that inspired your vision
  • Form or function of item selected
  • Approximate size~  small, med, large
  • Pattern/Color of choice   (You may combine patterns as seen in catalogue)
  • Scripture or verse:  Yes/No    You may select your own or I am happy to guide you according to the function or intention of the piece.
  • Desired date: I usually need a minimum of three weeks, but can work with you.